Wednesday, May 02, 2012

More swimming pics

As I was saying, we've had weird weather.  These are more pictures from last week's warm Sunday.  Monday was hot too and the kids swam again with another friend (pics coming soon).  Then the weather started turning and fast!  Wednesday was colder and windy, Thursday, colder and windier, and Friday when we went to the Muirheads for some hang out fun, it was raining/snowing/sleeting.  I've never seen anything like it that I can remember.  Some drops were wet, some fluffy white and some more solid icy white.
So we got out our jackets, tuques, mitts and scarves and wrapped the kids up over their recently gotten sun burns.  (We were scrambling Sunday trying to find sun screen and while I had found some, I later realized it wasn't waterproof).

Everywhere I've lived people make the joke that if you don't like the weather, wait 5 min., but Saskatchewanites would like to brag that it's actually true here!  I'm writing this post on Tuesday, a little over a week after these sun bathing pictures.  It was not hot enough to swim today, but I started sweating with a jacket on walking to the library with Emora.  In honor of the fact that my house is messy and needs to be cleaned, we took a detour to the beach.

We also went there because it's been gloomy cloudy for a couple of days and today, the sun was shining and it was pretty much gorgeous.  So we went to the beach and made some little sand castles, with sand toys she won at her library program.  That afternoon, I was answering e-mails when I heard loud booms.  I'd noticed it get dark, but when I got to a window, I saw that rain was pouring down in torrents, thunder was about shaking the house and lightning was crackling.  Emora was very excited to get out in it with me to pick up kids from school.  We located umbrellas and it was like having a bucket of water poured over us.  I was told that one schoolbus showed up covered in big chunks of hail.
But as we left the school, it was just an occasional spit of rain and an hour later all the neighbor kids were out playing in the sun again!  And in all, I'm glad Brian wasn't on a roof today as was once planned, and I'm happy we are not flooding this year and I'm happy that there will be some moisture in the ground for in a few weeks when we will get to plant our garden.

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