Monday, May 07, 2012

Twins and relatives

For twin day, Ivan and Kellen dressed the same and Dominique called up her best friend to ask her to "wear the dress you wore on the first day of school".  The girls both knew what she was talking about.  If someone asked me what  I wore yesterday, I probably couldn't tell you, but apparently I have a fashion girl who can remember someone's cute outfit from 8 months ago!

Emora was so happy to hold Neve the other day and Neve was happy about it too. Emora swings between wanting to be the big girl and the baby. Sometimes she wants to be the big sister, like with Neve, other times, she wants us to feed her. Ah the poor baby of the family!

A weekend or two ago, my brother was in a play in Saskatoon.  He's been in several plays that I haven't been able to attend living so far away.  The last one I saw him in, he was just a little kid (about 10 years old).  So when I heard he was in one in Saskatoon, I told Brian he had to take me ;) Mom and dad had gone to the performance the night before, so they even took care of the kids for us, who were very excited about having time with their cousin Imogen and Isaac.  Here's my brother and sister in front of Andrew's glamour shot and with him on the stage.  He was out of costume for the picture!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! that friend must have impressed her.
Yes the show and the dinner were good. Mom