Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back from AWOL

OOPS- I've been a bit absent haven't I? I find this time of the year a bit busy and if we aren't busy doing something, then we are outside, because it's finally gorgeous!, that is if it's not raining. But now I don't even mind the rain because we just got our garden in. We've been working on it for over a year! Yep, I'm serious. We had wanted to plant last year, but realized that we were no where close to ready. The spot we wanted to use had an unwanted shed on it and had been used to park cars on, so as we waited for the chance to have the shed moved, we sought out advice and got a lot of help from my cousin and neighbor who helped rottortill in the fall and we added all sorts of stuff to the soil. This spring, we added our compost, which- even though untouched all winter, had broken down quite a lot! Brian built a fence with a gate. It's so cute! Then he also improved our back gate which was falling over from an overly heavy back gate pulling on it.

We got a ton and ton of things planted. We bought flowers and cilantro and strawberry plants that we put in the front flower beds. We also got raspberry plants, pepper and tomato plants.

From seed, we planted: carrots, radishes, kohl rabi, spinach, lettuce, brocoli, rutabega, okra, beans, cucumber, squash, zuchini and about 3 more things I can't recall. It's way too much for the space we had, but some seeds are from the fall, some may have water damage and I'm pretty sure the okra won't grow either (at least not until we get fruit), but we are just excited to see them grow. They are seeds from Big Buddy and I'd love to at least see them flower.

In Abilene, it was frustrating to garden. We barely ever got anything from our work and it just became a chore and cost, when 5 min. away was an affordable store with lots of variety and cheap vegetables. Here, it makes total sense to garden. The vegetables at the store are very limited and costly. If we can get some of our own, it will be a huge cost saver and so much easier than driving into the city. Plus, here, it's so nice in the summer, it's a delight to be outside and even weeding seems like a good reason to get out! But in Abilene, 100+ F or 40 C was just unbearable to get out and work in the garden. The only thing we ever wanted to do there was swim or be inside! A neighbor rottortilled for us again and Brian made a rain barrel that is probably overflowing right now. He realized that about an inch of rain fills it and it's been raining all day!

The first picture was from the dance recital we attended. Moira was a character in a musical theater piece. I also got to attend a hilarious play she was in and her dad directed. Some fun outings. And the best outing of all- yesterday, I went into the city solo and got a ton of errands/shopping done as well as got to swim- laps- all by myself. I gave myself the challenge of doing what used to be my regular routine. For years and years, once a week, I've done 100 laps. It would take me about 70 min. When we moved here, I was having knee problems and there was no indoor pool. When I did get to a pool, I usually had the kids with me, so I couldn't do laps. Then I had knee surgery. I got to go once or twice to a pool on my own, but my knee still hurt a lot doing certain strokes. Yesterday, it didn't hurt and I pushed myself to do my old routine. It took my an extra 15min, but I was also having problems with my goggles. Once I figured them out half way through, my time got a lot better. I felt like a million dollars! It was so amazing. Now I'm trying to psych myself to go to the lake once a week. I don't have a wet suit yet and am a bit terrified of how cold it will be, although I like to lap swim in cold water and it is actually better for my knee. I've got tights and a sport shirt to wear with my swim suit for warmth and a bit more coverage. I got a waterproof watch so that I'll know when to get out. I figure I could bike there, swim and bike back- just gotta get in!

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GMS said...

So nice to hear of planting and swimming even in Canada. Looking forward to seeing your crop grow.