Thursday, May 17, 2012

dipping in the toes

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago. Janet called me up after supper one evening to see if we wanted to meet them at the beach. I usually don't think of doing an activity in the evening during the week, unless it's soccer practice.
Usually we have a later supper since Brian is off work after 5pm, but nowadays we have to have early suppers Mon, Tues. and Wed. because of stuff going on. I hadn't realized that we could go somewhere and still have time for baths and bed. It was great to think out of the box and a treat to get out and enjoy somewhere mid week with the kids.
It's a lot greener looking now than here. I'm never sure if I should post the pictures in chronological order- as I'm doing, even though there is a couple of weeks delay from these older pictures to where we are now. If I posted pictures from today, than another day would have to skip back in time  . I guess I could do some of both, show the next pictures as they would fall chronologically and throw one current one in so you see what it looks like now?
This does make me realize how very quickly the landscape has changed. A bunch of rains and some hot days and it's greened right up.
Tonight I was taking pictures of the trees we planted last fall or spring. We saw them all year as giant twigs poking out of the ground, and now they are all boasting beautiful leaves. I made sure to have a kid stand beside it so that we could see how little the tree was some day. I guess the same could be said about the kid too!
Brian has built an awesome fence for our yard. We are very happy because when he priced materials at the hardware stores it was crazy- like $100 and all we needed was an 8 foot fence with a gate (to keep Saba out of the garden). The chain link was only sold in 50 foot sections. But then he was at the dump with Mike and saw some wire fencing and bought it for $5! Then our neighbor gave us his old gate that Brian cut down to fit. Brian did buy some cement and treated posts that he put in and he's making our original back gate sturdier too. This is the weekend to plant a garden, so we are hoping to get it rottortilled and go get some plants and figure out where to put our seeds to start our first attempt at planting in Canada!! I have so many seeds and I know there is not enough room for it all, but we were a bit excited ;)
And one of our Saskatoon berry twigs that SaskPower gave us is already putting out leaves! At present the "bush" is no taller than my hand, but some day we hope to eat off that thing!


GMS said...

It's great to see both past & present and love to hear your plans for the future.

Ian said...

Thanks for sharing.