Thursday, May 03, 2012

More swimming pictures again!

OK, I promise this will be the last of the swimming pictures for a while.
The last pictures were from the Sunday afternoon, Arwen visit.
The next day was Monday and it was still "hot enough".  Since Dominique and her best friend had the day off from school (one of the joys of kindergarten here is that it is only every other day), she begged me for her and her friend to have a swim play date.

The day before, I got to work on Emora's portrait some outside, which was oh so fun, but I think this day, I just read a book and watched the playing, which was also oh so fun.

The girls danced and sang, "surfed", slid and later, we watched the movie they were missing at the all school movie date, which coincided with making supper time and that I was not wanting to go to with all 3 of my kids in a packed school gym ;)  We borrowed the same movie from my cousin and sat on our cozy couch, with trail mix and an added bonus was barely noticing that I was "working" by getting two loads of laundry sorted while we watched the movie.  YIPEE to Brian who gets out there for the daily grind so that we can enjoy an amazing preschool life as a family.  Some days I really do think I'm very, very spoiled blessed ;)

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Nana said...

Enjoy being spoiled at your age. Look how old I had to be to "get spoiled"!