Friday, May 04, 2012

under the setting sun

The Muirheads are doing a great job at helping us see the treasures of the valley, including impromptu bike rides to the lake to see the setting sun.  I'm not sure if staying until the sun set was a part of the plan, or if we just stayed that long, but it was so lovely.  The kids and Ian spent a lot of time finding the perfect rock and trying to make them jump.

Emora put her toes in the cold water.  I've heard that some people are already swimming in the water, I'm thinking I want to get a wet suit!

Splashes were fun.  They ventured some to the play equipment too, but the water was the biggest attraction.
It's so rejuvenating to go out and see the water, birds, nature, to get away from the computer and phone, the wii and movies...

It seems like all the kids want to do is be in front of a screen!  But we've also liked soccer and we're a few weeks from time to plant, so we'll be outside a lot more.  This week it is raining and raining and raining, but we'll try to fit some outside fun in as we can, or at least unplug and get into books, games and our literacy challenges, just launched today at the library.  So fun!

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GMS said...

Tried to make a comment on the swimming pictures & it wouldn't take for some reason.

Love the sky & water shots in this one & glad to see you looking so happy.