Monday, April 30, 2012

During Easter break- was that Easter break or another one?  We get a lot of breaks at our school, which I LOVE!  I'm sure if I worked, I would hate having to figure out other arrangements all the time, but since the kids change of schedule does not wreck havoc on my scheduling, I really enjoy it.  Like today, they had the day off, so we got to sleep in a bit and not rush up to the school.  They played with friends outside while I got some laundry in and supper cooking in the crock pot.  Then we headed in to the city for groceries and swimming.  It would really be WONDERFUL for me if they had a day a week, or every two weeks, which is actually pretty close to the truth this month as I look at the calendar.  I still don't get as good a workout as I would if I were by myself at the pool, but I do try to keep moving while playing with them in the water and I definitely feel refreshed when I get back home.  It makes for a long day, but with some fun too.
These pics were from another break when we got to go to the museum with Brian and then I took the kids swimming, while Brian took the van to get the brake pads changed.
Yeah, I got the good end of the deal ;)
Emora and a little boy were having a lunch date with pretend food.  She had just met him and they got along so well.  After he left, she had some pretend lunch with me too.  I don't remember what she was serving, but it must have been awesome from someone so cute!
I just realized that some of my seeds were a waste to buy since I didn't start them yet.  We'll have to get tomato and pepper plants if we expect to eat any before freeze time in the fall.  We also brought okra seeds with us that were originally seeds from Big Buddy's garden.  He just turned 95 this year!  We are about positive that they will not grow well here.  I think they need hot temps, but we'll try.

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