Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scavenger hunt

These pictures were from reading week- I'd made a challenge for each day of the week and they were so fun- if I do say so myself! This was the word scavenger hunt. We had an easy level page and a hard level page of pictures of signs from all around town. I convinced my trio to do it biking. We would look at the page and try to figure out what was next in proximity. It was a bit hard for me to resist telling them where they were and I did notice myself stopping in locations to help them notice the signs. Plus, since we were on bikes, I didn't want to have to back track, so I'd tell them if they were missing something and to look again!
We got some help from cousins who joined us too and a classmate of Ivan's joined in a bit and told them where some of them were.
Trees are budding and leafing out. The flowers are from apple trees I believe and they are so glorious! I had wanted an apple tree so badly, but was not able to convince Brian, but now I'm not crying over it since we have 3 types of berries that will come up some day: strawberries, raspberries and Saskatoon berries.
I'm also hoping that Dominique's teacher will invite me back to her full apple trees. She let Janet and I harvest her apples last year and we are still eating them! I have one last apple crisp left and some apple puree still that we have been using as apple sauce.

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