Monday, May 28, 2012

flowers and spring

We have our flowers in and more coming up front last year. It is very exciting to see what will flower and what they will look like since I've never seen them yet. I was given plants from mom, my cousin Sheena and from another parent, so it's a bit of a mystery what I have where and how it will look all together. We just got a few already flowering plants to give it a boost, while we impatiently wait for the rest to bloom.
Brian was working on a roof by the school, so after dropping off Ivan and Dominique, we went to say "hello".
Our kitten narrowly missed being ejected forever from the house. He's a bit of a menace and we keep hoping he will grow out of a lot of bad habits- like tearing up our new dining room chairs! Ah well, as if it would stay all nice with kids anyways. But he has drastically sped up the rate of deterioration!
He has made himself at home and when he was kicked out one night, I realized he does in fact know where he lives and returns when a too tender heart calls for him not imagining him out alone in the cold rain.
Our Saskatoon bushes may take a while to give us berries! Yeah, they are glorified twigs, but I was excited to see them leaf out within a couple days of planting them.
While I like having space on our counter again, I miss the proximity of my fresh herbs in the kitchen. I had them in through the winter.
It was so easy to just pick some off when cooking.
Now I dont' want to stop and go harvest them, especially when it is raining which it does often this time of year.
Right before we left Abilene, Valarie invited us over to do a stepping stone craft. So forever, we have these treasures, reminding us how little the kids were when we left for Canada.
I have enough of these bricks to give one to each kid and keep one for us-- I thought some day, they may want something substantial as a treasure from the city where they started off their lives.


GMS said...

The grass looks so green up there in your back yard & everyone looks busy.
The kitten does look cute & innocent even if she is a terror.

Nana said...

Brian, maybe a little Indiana Jones"!