Saturday, May 26, 2012

the garden's in!

This was another picture from reading week- or children's literacy, or whatever it was called!  Our last day, we had a carnival with Story and Rhyme Time and a puppet show, then games and face painting and snacks.  It was a lot of fun, although I was outside with the paint, so I didn't see how the inside fun was coming along.  I did find out that my kids conveniently forgot that I had told them to just have 2 snacks each.  When I couldn't get them to eat anything for lunch just afterwards, Ivan admitted that he'd had one of each FLAVOR of cereal bar, and one of everything else, except the gummy treats!  And there were a lot of snacks too-- all gone at the end, I'm sure in large part to my trio!

We got our garden in last weekend. Brian nailed some of the extra wire fencing on the fence for the tomatoes to grow on.  The gate and rainbarrel are up and functioning.  And we are filling the compost bucket again now for next year.
Here we have raspberry canes (an impulse buy- 90cents each- and they come up each year!), brocoli, green peppers, rutabaga, "Big Buddy Okra"- seeds from Mr Griffin's garden that the guys would harvest from year to year, beans and tomatoes.
In this section we have cucumbers, squash, zuchini, spinach and lettuce. Another section has the carrots, kohl rabi, radishes, and something else... can't remember. So far, I've covered it one night- when it snowed nearby! Yeah- and I'm still gathering up my courage to swim in the lake.

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GMS said...

Sounds like a great variety in the garden. Hope you get a great crop.
I love Ivan's attitude pose with the line of girls. Real cute!