Friday, June 01, 2012

Play Day

Emora and I were invited to come help at the kid's school for play day (their track and field day). We were in charge of recording and figuring out the lunch and snack orders (along with a couple of other volunteers). Both kindergarten classes were invited, which could have been a potential of 37 students, but only 26 showed up. Still, 26 kindergarteners are a lot! After getting all the money and orders figured out, Emora and I did an errand, then returned to the school to check it out.

Emora got to participate in several of the activities, so that was fun for her. They had colored groups of students from each grade. So kindergarteners were on a team with grade 1 and 2 students.

We got to see Ivan and Dominique having a blast and also got lunch orders.  Yummy burgers, hotdogs and treats!  Emora was tired here as we watched a video inside the cool kindergarten classroom.

The day was totally gorgeous, which was nice, they had already rescheduled the day because of excessive rain and muddy fields.

Kindergarten through grade 2 did play stations in the morning: obstacle courses, crocket, limbo, bubbles... then in the afternoon they raced in their age and gender groups.  Emora found one of her adopted kokums ("grandma" in Cree?)

Dominique got 2 first place ribbons and she was so proud of it, couldn't wait for Brian to get home to show him. She really is very fast, plus she was in the age 5 category, but turning 6 in a little over a month. Dominique also has super long legs and is always chasing or being chased by her brother, so really she has been training for the event all her life!!

Ivan got 2 third place ribbons. It was so fun to see them in races and trying their skills. It was a long day and after school Ivan also went to after school activity.

Dominique could have gone home an hour early, but would you believe she wanted to stay! Such an eager beaver.

The kids announced their names in the megaphone- here Ivan is with his teacher Miss Howden.  She is fun, does drama and was doing crazy voices as she announced her event to the kids.  We are in the last month of school now. The countdown is on.

 I put my toes in the lake today and although it took my breath away with the cold, after a bit, it felt quite nice, so I may really be able to get in. Even in the heat of summer, it's cold at first touch and even heated pools are like that to me. Once I realize that I am not going to have a heart attack, I like to do laps in cold water.
My cousins are moving this weekend, so we are going to be a bit busy with them. I also have dreams of Brian cutting apart my kitchen cupboards. Not sure that we'll have time for that this weekend, but I'm dreaming anyways... ah, it'll be so awesome! I'll have to do before and after pictures. Brian likes things done professional, so he's not too keen on this home project- as we are not putting in all new cupboards, flooring and counters, but I figure if you can't do it perfect now, to at least make it functional and as pretty as possible.

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