Thursday, March 08, 2012

Some of our favorite things?

The boys in the house are totally absorbed with our new wii game. Ivan bought himself a lego star wars game and it's been all the rage- sometimes literally. The kids have had to figure out cooperation so that was a challenge and there aren't many instructions on how to play it, they just have to try things out and figure it out as they go along.

I was so thankful for the pre-school program that is now being offered at the library Saturdays. We've only been able to go once so far, but it was amazing how different Emora is without the big kids there for her to follow. She LOVED that it was just for her and was actually all quiet for the facilitator and not answering questions, which I thought strange, but maybe she will become less shy as we keep going. She did participate lots though and talked up a storm for the hands on activities.

I've seen these magazines up at the library with Emora's middle name on them and just had to get her pic with one! Emora Worth- what a delight! Except that we are still struggling through the nap/no nap. I've been keeping her up since she was fighting the nap so bad and the other night she fell asleep 2 hours before bed time as I read books on the couch! Then she woke up at about 3am and was wide awake- I told her to read, color or play quietly in her room and let us sleep. The next morning, she had put pants on all by herself and I later discovered she had colored her legs, back of legs and bottom of feet green with marker! That's why she got pants on so quick!

Janet was so gracious to take me skiing with her. It was really fun and I'm wondering if it could be my swimming replacement. It was super challenging since I am not in half as good shape as Janet, or used to it, but she didn't have to drag me out of the forest, so that was great!

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GMS said...

The concentration on Brian's & Ivan's faces are inspiring. Love Emora's smile & her means of keeping herself entertained while you slept.