Friday, March 30, 2012

in the valley

Last week, the kids had Friday off from school. It had been a long time since we went into the city for some fun, so we packed a lunch and made the drive. After errands we hit the library and pool. On the way out, it dawned on me that I have had a change of heart about the valley. When I first moved out here, I hated the big drive to the city to get groceries or necessities. It costs a bunch to go and it takes up a huge chunk of time. I had often wondered why we couldn't have been in the city and had thought of so many things we were missing from not being in a bigger center (I still miss the pool terribly!!) But as I drove in, I realized that my heart has changed. I was GLAD we didn't live in the city, that we can walk to the lake, go for hikes, live at the beach all summer and that our entertainment is this amazing piece of earth. I love seeing wildlife, the geese and pelicans. We didn't even know what this enormous flock of birds was (they are snow geese- not canadian geese), but we knew we were witnessing something remarkable. We stopped and watched, then got out for some pictures and to get a bit closer. They were so beautiful, sweeping up and down like a living cloud. Several other cars stopped and watched them too. I love that I will find people looking at a blue heron out for a visit, or a man painting these hills as I drove to the Koops' I would much rather that than easy access to cheaper food and supplies, even the pool, because if I lived in Regina, we would be missing the daily joy of all this. We would only rarely or never (?) drive out. Now we just make a list and even though it's a drag, we take time for a bit of fun too- after our long drive in.

Ivan realized the same thing, during the same outing. He said he was glad we didn't live in the city because then it would be harder for him to go bike riding with so many cars around.

And, our newest family member. Meet "Sunshine". We are going to have him for a very long time and when it's minus 40, we will call "Sunshine, come here Sunshine"!

He's adjusting well, already letting the dog give him licks and the kids haul him around. Their laughter as he skips after them is priceless.

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Ian said...

Pets are wonderful for kids and sometimes adults too.