Monday, March 19, 2012

Daddy Daughter date

Dominique got to go with Brian to meet his band during their practice last week (or the week before that?). I sent her with the camera and she took her harmonica. She also got to play a drum and tamborine. I loved getting to see her perspective of the night and most of all a video she made. I'll try to post it soon. Cracks me up!

Looks like she sat at her daddy's feet, since those are his volume pedals. She was so glad to be part of the artistry.

This video is so funny! She videos her dad and the other band members, herself and then most of all her stylish shoes! I'm not sure where she got her sense of fashion, but she is a pretty good diva!


Nana said...

Dad should have video her harmonica playing!

Ian said...

Emora is developing a great sense of humour...I think she is way beyond Saba teaching her!