Sunday, March 18, 2012

Enjoying "spring"

ach! time to upload pictures again. We've had a big weekend. I'm trying to remember it all... Friday night Brian played at an open mike at the being worked on new arts center. A group of people saved the old school from demolition and has been raising money and doing work to renovate it into an art center, which would be so cool. And as much as I wanted to see inside, it was really an adult deal, so I stayed with the little trio.

Sat.- pumpkin waffles- yum yum. I still have a good supply of pumpkin and apple puree. I keep thinking I need to use it up, but when I calculate when I'll get a new supply, I still have 1/2 year to go. Brian worked on our bikes while I finally did one of my workout videos. Felt so good! Got Emora to her library program where I also scope out books for my program. Then Dominique was off to a birthday party and I was making bannock, (Brian had made a salad) for our family birthday party/St. Patrick's day celebration. There were 6 more people to celebrate there! Amazing food, with real Irish stew by Char Tupone and lots of other awesome food and cakes, lots of stories and laughter, guitar, singing, drum and dancing, so lovely.

Today we got to enjoy learning from friends at the Outreach, sharing our hearts, our pains, our faith and hope, a meal, harsh words, kind words, hopefully healing words. Dominique and I got to what I think may be the last public skating time of the year. We will also get to go Tues. with Ivan's class. Then we got to ride bikes this afternoon. I just got a seat for Emora, so the kids and I got to go a bit around town. It needs to be adjusted a bit still, so we didn't go too far, but I'm forseeing lots of fun on bikes. I was surprised how fast we could get somewhere with a bike and really enjoyed being able to talk with Emora the whole time too as we took in our town.

Almost all the snow is gone and everyone is out enjoying the warm weather.


Nana said...

Ike a fun and busy weekend. Terry needs to get his new bike together. I like bike riding.

Ian said...

It will be easy to explore every street in Ft. Q on bikes in one day.