Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunshine and rain

I figured it's time for an update. It's been a bit of a busy weekend. Friday, the kids were off from school, so after the library program we headed into the city. I got some material to make some new table runners and matching place mats that I'm excited about, we also hit the grocery store, library and pool. It was great fun and great frustration all at the same time. So nice to get out, but had issues with each of the kids at different moments so that isn't fun!

Sat. there were a couple of programs in town, the one for Emora and a craft/cookie decorating/movie time that we took in. Brian played at an open mike that day. Sunday, Brian and I both had ideas. Another open mike and I was a bit done with the kids by then. It all worked out, teenage cousins are fabulous. Someone arranged for the kids to go with Moira and Arwen for a bit so that Mike could teach me some painting and drawing techniques. I'm excited about making Emora's portrait, but need to finish up all the sewing first!

AND- last night, our kitten was ready to come to our home. Our neighbor gave "her" to us. We wanted a girl and thought that's what we had, but upon more careful examination, and after "she" had weaseled her way into our hearts, we figured out our "she" is a "he". Ah well. I did get "sunshine" a red collar and at least didn't force him into the pink glamor one we had already.

So today we have cold rain outside and our little orange kitten Sunshine tearing through the house, exploring his new digs. He's adjusting very well, so that's a treat.

These pictures were from a fun last minute decision to explore the water logged park. Everyone loved the exploring, until both the little girls had their boots full of cold water and cold legs too (I striped Emora down and wrapped her in a blanket with gloves on her feet for the walk home) and then Kellen got stuck in the mud, and I mean really stuck! We were all giggling about it, but then he started getting really upset and no where out, at least not with his boots, so us adults had to venture in a bit too and unstick him and then retreave a very muddy, entrenched boot! It was an adventure for sure and a dear memory to plant away in our hearts.

Ivan has now lost 2 teeth and Kellen has a few left in his mouth!! Every time we see him, he has more loose ones! They are quite proud of being toothless! Dominique keeps saying hers are loose, but I think she's only wishing they were.

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