Friday, March 16, 2012

more pics from the Canada hill

Last night, I opened the door to shake out our rug that is full of gravel. I could smell wood burning and heard the geese squawking. It made my heart happy and those of the girls too who kept asking if they could step outside and take a wiff. Maybe we should make a fire pit and find wood this year or just invite ourselves regularly to the Koops' It's fun to realize that we live somewhere so fun. Yes, frozen half the year, but there are adventures to be had then too and as it melts away and the earth is renewed, it's joyful to think of the newness coming and outings we will get to enjoy.

Living in a valley is funny. I forget when we drive up and out of the valley, that a world of flat greets us, not some mountain top view. Janet noticed this when we got to the top of the ski lift, how funny it was to reach the top and look over a vast flat farmer's field.

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See Brian sporting a new beard! Looks good. mom