Friday, March 23, 2012

Ivan's class got to go skating a couple of times this month. I think it was the grand finale of skating season. Fortunately, bike season has now started and soccer is around the corner. These are a couple of Ivan's best friends.

Here's Ivan, his teacher and a clasmate.

Emora still wasn't all that crazy for skating this year. I really hope she likes it a bit better next year!

But if skating is not her thing, we do know a few things that are. She is also loving coloring and writing and books, dominoes, puzzles and her big legos.

Our resident authoress wrote a couple of books this week with her own illustrations. She also decided to learn to write her name in cursive and has been getting better at that.

OK, the kids are begging me to get on to the movie for tonight- I think we'll be watching the Muppet Movie. Brian (I mean- the kids) are really excited! ;)


Ian said...

Hey, I like the Muppet movie too.

GMS said...

I've never seen the Muppet movie.
I should have popped over.