Monday, March 12, 2012

a little tour

Our house- It won't look like this much longer, in fact, a lot of snow has already melted away and my cousin came by today on a huge machine scraping the ice off the edges of the road, but a few days ago, it looked like this after a fresh snow. I just noticed that our vehicles match the paint of the stucco on the basement walls. We didn't do that on purpose!

I think Brian must have taken these pics. This is the most snow we've had all winter. It was a lot less up until the recent snows of the past week or more and now it's already melting away. The kids are LOVING playing in the puddles, wearing rain boots and "fall" jackets.

No igloo this year. We didn't even make a snowman, although now would be the right time to do it with the snow so sticky. I like this pic since it is showing that Saba was indeed in her house that I made! See- I'm not so crazy after all!

Our house is somewhere in there! We are up on the "Canada hill". I don't know if that's it's official name, but there is a flag on this hill, so that's how the kids refer to it.

That long road going up the side of the hill is our highway into "the city" ie- Regina. A much traveled road. I couldn't imagine that people drive in as often as they do, but some people go everyday- others weekly or several times a week. Brian is going once a week and I don't go near as often, especially if he'll pick up stuff at the store we have on the list, then I can avoid the city for quite a while! It's so exhausting to go in! I don't know how people do it so often! But then I do love the pool and library and lots of vegetables and fruits to choose from and decent prices! I do feel the charm of town working it's way into my system though. Like being able to walk nearly everywhere is awesome and sometimes it's nice to get things here without fighting crowds. When I do pick up something locally it may take as little as 5 or 15 min. from leaving the house to return. Gotta love that!


Nana said...

We're ready for Spring again. Last weekend we had more catch up rain. Our rain gauge showed 5 inches. We are gradually chipping away at our rain fall deficit from last year. Hoping to see Bluebonnets next week, if it's not to early. I hope you can get your garden in soon.

Olivia said...

WOW! This is so beautiful. I bet in the spring and summer it is irresistable...although I truly like snow. Love you.