Wednesday, March 07, 2012

more pics from the blizzard bash

Having a bit of girl drama today. We are having a long play day with Dominique's best friend, but Dominique was being weird when Sierra was playing with Emora.

We started the play time with skating and Emora wanted to quit after 10 min. Dominique wanted to quit after 30 min. and her friend wanted to skate the full hour.

Now Emora doesn't want to nap! ahh- but it's been fun anyways- watching Emora play with the "big" friend, playing "sorry", reading stories and making up our own.
Now that it is March, it looks like winter. We've gotten a fair amount of snow in the last few days, which is weird since it keeps trying to melt in the day and is supposed to get to +9 or more over the weekend.
We are getting excited that spring is on it's way. I had 17 geese fly over my head the other day and it was so gorgeous and made me happy to see them again. I love the geese, but the pelicans are really fun too. I've been thinking of beach visits and planting the garden, hoping we can get the play structure built this summer too. So much to anticipate, but in the meantime, the trees are sparkling with frost and the hills are blanketed in white, the yards shimmer with snow and our steps are cushioned in a thick padding of softness.


GMS said...

It sounds like you have a lot to anticipate in the coming seasons but are also so good at appreciating the "moment" you are in.
Love y'all.

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