Sunday, March 04, 2012

Just a wee bit sore

OK, so I really hope I can move in the morning. I was so excited to get to go cross-country skiing with Janet. She goes often and has the body of a triathlete, so it was super nice for her to #1- take me, #2- let me use their equipment #3-wait for me at points along the trail as I panted and weezed to catch up! She even told me that she likes to ski and then take breaks to look and listen (we looked and listened and I caught my breath).

I am still trying to find my go to for fitness. I used to be a water nut, but until they build a pool here, that is a bit limited in winter, so I'm doing some exploring and trying some different activities to see if I can find my fit.

This was definitely a possibility, although I'd like to try it a time or two again to be sure I'd really get into it before making a serious investment in equipment.

I also have a goal of trying snowboarding before the season ends to see if that would be a possibility. There I said it publicly, so maybe now I'll follow through!

These pics were from a school fundraiser "Blizzard Bash". The kids played games, saw some cousins and got candy.

Today was so incredibly gorgeous. The temps are awesome. We'd just gotten a fresh snow and the sky turned a lovely blue this afternoon. Our ski time was so beautiful, whenever I looked up from my frantic panting, I could see that it really was very lovely in the valley. So while we drove back into town, I felt particularly bad that the kids were inside playing the wii. Janet and I decided then and there to take them to the park. Tons more fun and pics to follow in the days/weeks ahead! Then, just to really do myself in, I continued with my original plan today which was to take the big kids skating. They had done so good in Saskatoon that I didn't want them to lose momentum and there may only be a few more public skate times left in the season. We nearly had the rink to ourselves. I guess people didn't show because it was supper time. We ate some quick p&j sandwiches and skated with 3 other kids. One of them told me he was Ivan's reading buddy at school. I love it when they do inter class activities. Then when we show up at the rink for example, there were already big kids who knew who Ivan was, called out his name and played with him, even though he couldn't skate nearly as good as them, they were super sweet and considerate. It was so great seeing Ivan and Dominique getting better and better at skating. Dominique went about the whole time without the bar. Ivan still liked the security of the bar, but can totally do it without.


GMS said...

Great progress for all concerned.
I know you'll find the perfect fit to increase your cardio.

Janet said...

I was really glad to have a ski buddy. I suppose I should have not been so selfish to take you so far, I may have won you over to skiing better! You can borrow equipment anytime though!