Wednesday, March 14, 2012

grab opportunities and run with it!

Our kids go to a community school- I'm not sure what all that means, but we do get special programs for the family. The other week, I got a message that the Community School Council was hosting a family zumba night at the school. So I jumped on that. I LOVE zumba! I got to go to one class once in Abilene and had so much fun. I'm interested in the zumba wii game, but want to try it out first. I know it can't possibly be as good as it is in person. The teacher was wonderful and really got the kids pumped up to be participating. We had so much fun. I loved how Ivan was dressed, all bundled up in his winter jacket and mitts, with winter boots and shorts! That guy!

Another day, we got to have a cousins day with Lannelle and Neve. Emora loved to play kitchen with them and make a hopscotch and be all grown up with the "big cousin" Lannelle and be all grown up with the "baby Nevy" in tow too.

Saturdays, there is now a program just for Emora! She loves that it's for her and not the big kids. She also loves it that Amber has managed to score her some awesome take home gifts from being at the program! The first week, Emora was very shy, so I coached her a bit and told her to try to answer questions when the facilitator asks something, even if it's to say "I don't know". Well, she became a regular chatterbox. There weren't as many kids or adults that week either, so that helped her open up.

We are loving that spring is coming bit by bit, bikes are out along with spring jackets. It's a bit tricky because sometimes it's colder than it seems and you realize once out that a hat would have really been a good idea, but it is exciting to see and hear the birds again, to smell the melt, to crunch spring ice... No pelican spottings yet. They are my favorite! We saw a lone ice shack out on the lake tonight. There were tons of trucks and people out on the weekend removing the ice fishing shacks, but there is one still out near Sheena and Mike's place on Mission lake. Mike was telling us the police (RCMP) will burn it down if it's out too late so that some (fool) avid fisherman won't try to retrieve it with his truck past the time to retrieve it.

We have yet to try ice fishing... maybe next year, although it's not high on my list of winter adventures to try out.


Nana said...

I saw the "zumba" wii fit package at Wal-Mart this afternoon for $39.96. I forgot how many routines it had on it. I think it's something you would all enjoy, yes even Brian.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of the adventures you have been having,no time to be bored. Ah! Ice fishing interesting when the fish is biting but not my sport too stationary in cold weather.Only tried it once and was never hooked. mom

Ian said...

Thanks for is great to keep up-to-date with all of your activities.