Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet Polo!

 We had a bit of a surprise before we headed to Saskatoon for our February break.  A puppy showed up on our driveway.  It stayed several days and I was smitten, but I knew that Brian would never let us have 2 dogs and that it was terrible timing, we were leaving town for nearly a week.  But while we were gone, some things happened.  Brian was not so stuck on having only one dog, in fact he declared that Saba was old and a companion for her and a new dog for us may be good.  AND our house sitter Moira- cousin child to us- not only took care of Saba and our house, but she had adopted the little ball of furry fun.
 When we came back to the Fort, she was in Regina- with Moira's sister Victoria.  Moira had put out posters about the found dog and told the pet store owner, but no one called and the extended family were already nominating us to adopt her- which we were only glad to do.  Dominique and Emora came up with the name Polo- for polar bear.  Ivan and I liked Sochi- since she showed up while the olympics were on, but Brian sided with the girls and the vote was cast.
 She is the softest creature ever- and so sweet!!!  She and Saba are about opposites.  Saba likes to bark and this one has barely made a peep.  Saba is a protector and very cautious with strangers, Polo will jump into everyone's lap.  Saba likes to tell the entire town that we are out for a walk and Polo cowers at cars, and dogs barking.
 So after all these years, we are potty training again- it's coming- I think.  We are on a search for our slippers constantly.  We are frequent shoppers at the pet shop for chew sticks- but even still- our furniture legs and the handle of the recliner, the kids toys and pencils and clothes will never be the same.  Thankfully she hasn't figure out how to manage the stairs to the basement yet to wreck havoc there.

The kids are learning to train a dog too and to clean up it's messes.
Ivan- whose allowance job is to clean up the dog poop outside determined that Polo was worth doubling his duty.
It's been a big change for us, but has brought us so much joy-- and I think even for the old grouch Saba, that she is happy for the friend.  It's a good time for us to be training a pup since we have an adult home all the time right now.  Next year, that may not be the case.  With Emora off to kindergarten, we may be doing other things too, than holding down the homefront!
So as we say farewell to winter, we have to remember all the fun, the ice skating with school, the muscles earned from all that shoveling- the sled run in our own backyard and potty training in minus 40 temps- oh yes, the fun we had ;)

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