Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lost and Found

 First off, there is a new member in our family and it's not a lego character!  I am an auntie again- my brother and his wife had a baby boy Natsu Liam March 11th.  We haven't met him yet-- which is a good thing since Dominique just got diagnosed with bronchitis-- but we'll be going down at Easter for our break.
 As the first day of spring comes around the corner, I'm posting Christmas pics!  I thought I had a ton of pics from Christmas, but didn't know where they'd gotten to and the other day when I was filming Dominique at dance, the memory card filled up, so I popped in another one and when we went to download it, voila- Christmas!!  So I had taken a picture of my kids in the movie theater because I'm a total nerd and this was Ivan's  first movie experience since being a baby and Emora's first movie experience ever.  Dominique was an old pro since she'd been for a birthday party with friends.  This was our family outing over Christmas- the Frozen movie.  Since then, Ivan quickly added two more movie outings to his repertoire!
 Not long after that some people arrived to visit.  Nana and Papa from Houston, Andrew and Andrea from Saskatoon and Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill who kind of live here and on the farm in Macoun.  In this pic, Nana is sitting in the chair brought from my grandma's family from Norway.  The chair is carved in one piece from a tree trunk and has a special name I will have to learn!
 Brian did his traditional goofy shirt presentation.
 He gave this one to Sheena- not Mike- he was already spiderman shirted- so Brian's pick was quite a propos.  Another beautiful thing from this pic is under Sheena's arm- one of the few pictures up at aunt Mary and Uncle Bill's town house is my grandmother who I never met, but holds a special place in her home and heart.
 Here are aunty Andrea and aunty Andrea- yeah, not confusing at all for the kids!
 Poor Papa and Nana had been up since the wee hours of the morning, this was the day they flew up and bang- family party!
 We have a picture of Kellen and Ivan with matching missing front teeth- so when it happened to Lanelle and Dominique at the same time, I told them we had to get a picture!  Then Ian said:  "Should I show off my missing front teeth too- I can be a twinsie" or something like that.  He may not have used the word "twinsie". 
 Uncle Bill and his elf Andrea have had a long tradition of getting the grandkids pyjamas for Christmas, and while we are not actually grands, we are adopted in grands, so here is this years' flock!

 Our tree was overladen with gifts.
 Some of the most fun ones are the ones the kids make at school and are SO EXCITED to give to us.

 The boys got what they wanted!

 Lots of people ask me if my girls are twins.  I'm always shocked by the question, but I guess they do look a bit alike!
I'll end this with another bang-- Emora just got a bob!  She told me to cut her hair tonight like her BFF's.  I asked if she was totally sure- because when I did that for Dominique at the same age- she cried!  Emora said "yes" over and over and LOVES it.  So I'm glad.

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Nana said...

Now we will wait for your "first sights" of Spring!! We hope ours stays a while. The sun is shining and in the mid 70's. Of course we have been through this at least twice so far!!!