Tuesday, March 04, 2014

catch up time!!

Once again, I've fallen way behind in posting, this has been to various reasons- one of which is that my librarian ordered in several huge books from a great author!  Things have slowed down since the break with subbing, so I am now getting some days at home with Emora again.  We are both realizing that we are in an era that will soon fade away.

Emora asked the other day when fall is.  I told her not to cheat us out of spring and summer after the coldest winter in 100 years and asked her why she wants fall to come:  school!  So I'm glad she's excited.

Ivan is trying lots of new things this year.  He is liking karate even more now that he's earned a new rank.  He is on the curling team with school and is in the drama club for grades 6-7 (he got special permission to join).  We are hoping all these things helps him find that umph to enjoy life and to be focused in his projects- school and otherwise.

This was a day I was home with Emora.  She wanted her hair curled!  oh la la.  Other days we have her friend over or she wants to be face painted.  We usually go to gymboree and we finally got to the skating rink the other day.  Of course games and puzzles are high on her list and she's my little helper with home chores.  She does not like to go for walks or get out in nature though- which to me would be the highlight of our days.  At the same time, I can't blame her.  It has been insanely cold this year and although -20 feels warm after -40, it's still pretty cold!

Daddy always makes the kids valentine cards and gets them a little something.

We love his artistic representations of them.

This week is watch week for dance- which means that we get to watch Dominique do her routine.  Recitals are around the corner and she's very excited about it all.

We had a blast in Saskatoon for the February break and wish we could play with cousins and go to the pool and some of the other things more often, but it does make it a special treat for when we get away.


Nana said...

Ange, are you saving their cards for them until they are grown. Silly question I know because I am sure you are!


Yes, this has been a really bad winter for all of us.