Monday, March 10, 2014

Saskatoon part 3

Ummm.. ok, so these pictures ended up all out of order, but maybe it's my retelling just circling back upon itself ;)  Here was a sweet moment of Dominique and Isaac bonding over some wrestling.  And while Isaac has been the littlest of the cousins for some time, it won't be for long.

There is another little one on it's way.  Andreaw and Andrea are expecting a little charmer as I write.  I got to use face paint on Jenn's belly when she was expecting Isaac, so Andrea requested some paint too.  She suggested an underwater scene, since she already has a fish tattoo on her belly (at right).  So I just added some to it.  My favorite part was the sucker fish using her belly button as lips.

I swam all through my pregnancies and as I did laps, I always thought of my little baby in me swimming too.  It was an image I cherished, so it was fun to get to paint this scene and remember those moments of anticipation and a growing love for someone you haven't even met yet.

Here are some more pictures from our visit to the Western Development Museum.  It's a huge, huge place with buildings from life in 1910 in Saskatoon, during it's  early "boom".  There is another huge section of cars through the decades, of farm transformations and technological advances and then another area where it chronicles life on the prairies since before settlers arrived and the First Nations lived off the land, to present day.  Although we have been there myriad times, there is always something that I've never noticed or that strikes me that visit.

The kids liked making butter and don't have a lot of patience to read the information or really take it in much.  They mostly like to fun through the installations in short order and do all the hands on activities.

When we'd left, I asked everyone what they noticed this time that they'd never seen before.  Emora said the snow ;)

Some days, I think having a jail cell like this would be handy! haha

Here was the butter making.

My cousin Lin and her kids made it and another cousin's wife and daughter came too.

This is a "ride".  The kids are watching a screen that shows the backside of a horse and the prairies moving past.  The car shakes and bumps as they go over the rough terrain and the narrator tells them about these "buggies" during the depression when people couldn't get their car's repaired or get gas and converted their cars into horse drawn buggies.

The kids are always asking for me to tell them stories from my growing up, and I did get to pull out a few photo albums while we were there.  The kids didn't have near as much interest in it while we were there, but it was fun to look though a bit and share stories and memories- to notice similarities with the next generation and build new memories together.

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Angela, you do an amazing job of keeping all of us (who live far away) informed about your growing family. Thank you so much.