Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spring cleaning

When most people do spring cleaning, that means to get the house in order and scrubbed down, which never seems like fun to me- so here's is my modern updated version.  Spring cleaning for me is to upload the 300+ pics off my phone and get them on to my blog!!

Dance season is coming to an end.  This was during "watch" week.  Dominique is taking "modern" this week.  There are about 8 girls in the dance ages 7-12 I believe and Dominique is most excited that she gets lifted up by one of the bigger girls.  They just went to their first of 2 competitions and earned gold!

Emora and I got to have the day together, so we prettied her up.  She got this shirt from her cousin and LOVES it.  It really is gorgeous and gorgeous on her.  As soon as it comes out of the clean laundry, she has it on, so it is barely ever on a hanger even!

I have been really thankful for activities in the community at the art center, library and schools during this super long winter!  They say this is the coldest winter we've had in 50 years and it's not over yet. 

An artist came and set up three stations this night- with the papers, they made mobiles, they did prints with the clay and paint and there was a portrait drawing station too.  In the other room was artist works to look at.

This was one of the rare days that Ivan and Dominique had to walk home from school.  It snowed on them the whole way!
Brian has been making improvements to his man cave in the garage.  See the stereo setup!  He built the workstation behind him.  There used to be a kitchen counter top with sink (and no plumbing).  He designed this with a protruding edge so that you can work at it and made the shelves next to it.

Stay tuned--- more totally old photos (by today's standards) to be posted soon ;)

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