Friday, March 14, 2014

Fort Winter Festival

When we'd come back from Saskatoon it was time for the Fort Winter Festival.  There was a terrible storm the day before we came home and our outdoor cat found a place at our neighbors' across the street.  He may have also decided that was a better place to camp out since we just added another dog to our mix.  Before we left, a puppy started to hang out on our driveway and despite posters, no one has come to claim her, so we've now adopted a cute huskie/lab possibly, but hopefully not great pyranees mix.  I'll post about her in another post...

We had hoped to do a lot of activities at the festival, but it was REALLY cold.

The big kids sang in the winter choir and by the time that was done, all our toes were cold.  The girls and I went home and after a warm up, the guys went back out for more fun.

Ivan did a couple of competitions.  He knocked this little kid off a beam.

But didn't win the stake driving competition.

They watched some motorbike races on the frozen lake and later we all took in a hockey game in the warm inside!

Hopefully next year it will be warmer, but in the meantime, it was a great diversion from the harsh cold of this winter.  Spring is coming and we'll be able to say that we survived the coldest winter in 100 years AND had a lot of fun while doing it!

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