Friday, March 14, 2014

Emora's party part 2

For Emora's party, we did a winter theme.  We made sculptures and spray paint art in the snow...

The girls had all dressed up, although we didn't say they had to have dresses or skirts- it just worked out that way and Emora wanted a picture to show that they are all beautifully attired in the dead of winter!

We did homemade individual pizzas once and now it's always the requested birthday meal.

I had made books with each of the girls' faces and different clothing combinations where you can switch out the face, the top and bottom.  They had fun coloring and playing with their books.

Along with the outdoor snow painting, we also got out the sleds for our homemade hill.

It was fairly cold, but we've been through worse many times this year and friends bring their own warmth!

Kids are so awesome!

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