Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sheep, lamas and butterflies?

 The Muirheads don't only have an awesome slough to skate on and space to roam, they have delightful animals to roam in it!  So fun to get to visit the sheep...
 and lamas.

 The kids had fun climbing up into a barn? or storage building?  I wasn't sure where they'd gotten off to, but giggles are a telltale giveaway that there is cuteness around the corner!

Speaking of cuteness... Emora and her bestie Ayumi like to get facepainted when they come to play and I like to paint them.  They usually choose the same design, but Emora wanted a rainbow butterfly and Ayumi pink and purple.  I haven't uploaded pics of Emora's new bob, but here is her inspiration for it!  She kept saying she wanted her hair like Ayumi's and as soon as her brother saw her, he said' you look like Ayumi- so I must have gotten it close! ;)

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