Thursday, March 06, 2014

Saskatoon part 1

Mom and Dad were in Ecuador during the February break when we went up to Saskatoon, but they let us crash at their place and look who came out to party with us!

It's so great that we are able to see each other fairly often for the kids to build these growing up memories together.  Dominique and Isaac have a special little bond.

There are some things that have become traditions I guess.  Like playing games, meals together, sleep overs, face paint, the Western Development Museum, the pool...

Last time we were in Saskatoon, we didn't go to the WDM (museum) and the kids mentioned once we were home that we'd not gone.  We've been there so many times, but there is a ton to see and I guess they associate it with a visit to Saskatoon.

This time, they had a butter churning demonstration and the kids got to help shake and stir to make the butter, then they tasted the buttermilk and home made butter.  That was pretty neat.

And a few other Saskatoon cousins got to join us too.  Apart from my sister's children, I have 1st and 2nd cousins in Saskatoon also with kids, so we were able to meet up briefly with some of them.

It warmed up a bit so it was really nice to get to go out for some outside adventures as well.  More in another post...

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