Saturday, March 08, 2014

Saskatoon part 2

Here is some of the outdoor fun we got to have in Saskatoon during the February school break.  They had all sorts of activities going on around the city for family day.  The one we chose to do was ice skating on the speed skating oval.  It was so much fun.  The kids do so much better on natural ice.  It's just a bit softer and more forgiving it seems and it was warm enough, plus the sun was shining, there were gorgeous trees and blue skies and COUSINS!!

It was Isaac's first time to really get to skate.  Emora really took off.  Dominique decided fashion trumps warmth and harassed me to let her take off her ski pants, even though it left part of her legs exposed.  Ah well, she didn't get frostbite and was a happy camper after that.

I'm not even sure I got a single picture of Ivan.  It was a huge oval and he blasted off once we got there.  He kept telling us how many laps he did in the hour and something that we were there.  I think his grand total was 31 laps.  I did about 5- Emora and I were a slower moving team.  I did leave her at the end so that I could get a few laps in and I'll tell you, I couldn't do a whole round at top speed.  It was a LONG way around!

They did have a short cut through at one point, so I'm not sure if Ivan was counting those ;)

They also had young people giving kids skating lessons and playing games and although we didn't do many activities with them, Isaac had a lesson and came away with metal water bottles for all the kids as a souvenir of the day!

Now when we use our water bottles or look at these pictures, we can remember all the fun of that event.

Ivan didn't get to join us on this outing as he was having a spectacular day with Uncle Andrew (my brother) and Auntie Andrea.  They give each of our kids the day of their lives for a birthday gift and hadn't been able to do Ivan's yet.  So while there, they took him and in one day went:  for lunch out, to laser tag and games, to a candy store, to a movie and bought him several pullover shirts that he is actually wearing!  It was awesome.

Meanwhile, the rest of our gang went sledding.  I was afraid that it was too cold, but the wind wasn't blowing and the sun was shining and we had such a blast!

The kids really liked the snowboards- which were in high demand.

I'm not sure how Emora could see to go down, but the idea was not as much to steer as it was to just stay standing up!

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