Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy first day of SPRING- (yesterday)!

 I don't think I have appreciate spring as much any year as this year!  It has been a very COLD winter and so the melt, the longer daylight, the heat of the midday sun, the sploshing puddles and muddy melt have been delicious!  But as I look through the pics, I see so many beautiful moments too, even if it was achingly cold most the time!

 During the Christmas break, we all went out to the Muirhead farm for a skate on their slough.  Neve is growing up to be such a little beauty and a great little talker- updating us on everything Muirhead ;)
 First a treck through snow banks to get to the spot.  Then some shoveling and SKATE.

 and pose.
 and look who else showed up- some precious family from the Koops clan.  Well, Victoria is now Utman- but she'll always be Koops in our hearts.

 and sister bestfriends...

 snowballs and races...

 and before long a snowman build
 So thankful for family and fun!
And very thankful that the winter rink will one day be a slew again and the ice track during the winter festival will once again become my kayak highway and giant pool- so glad to think of garden planting and hikes in the hills, berry picking, eating outside, lazing in the hammock, biking and flowers and oh oh oh- the geese are back from their winter holiday down south--- soon we'll see a pelican and my heart will soar with them.

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Nana said...

Yes, we slipped back to a bit of winter today. 50's!!! We went up north for Christmas, that was enough winter for us!!!