Sunday, February 23, 2014

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These pics are all activities we did in Feb. before we went to Saskatoon.  The library had a special Saturday program that was fish themed.

The kids enjoyed the activities planned and the snacks.  In fact, Ivan asked if he could have that HUGE bag of pretzels you see in the back ground and they gave it to him!  He had a sleepover that night and shared them with his friends.

For a family that never goes to the movies, we've hit them this Christmas, or at least Ivan has!  The last time we'd been to a theater with kids when was Ivan was a baby and he cried the entire movie, so we put that on the backburner.  Just this year, we realized that they were probably old enough to go now, so we went as a family to see Frozen.  Then Ivan got to go with his karate friends to the Lego movie and this past weekend in Saskatoon, his aunt and uncle took him to Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2- so he went from never going to the movies to seeing 3 in about 2 months!

This weekend was the Winter carnival in Fort Qu'Appelle- so while it's terribly cold out, it's fun to have great activities to attend.

If it looks like we are in a school gym- you guessed it right!  This was for literacy day.  The school had a book swap, story telling night where the kids wore their pyjamas, got to take home books and get read to while munching on cookies and milk.

Yeah, they loved it.

Even Ralph the Reader- our school pet made it out for the evening.  He likes to listen to stories too and mostly smell the kids cookies.  He would have liked to eat the cookies too- but the kids guarded them really well!

Emora always enjoys her days at gymboree.  Wednesdays they open up the gym and put out equipment for preschoolers to enjoy and once a month a HUGE jumpy castle is set up too.  It's such a nice break from the COLD!

Right smack in the middle of the freezing temps is the perfect time to pretend we are in hawaii.  The School Community Council hosted and provided pretenda coladas which were delicious.  Families came out for the picnic with their kids, the gym was decorated and people dressed hawaiian style.  We could also buy pizza- yum, yum.

Nothing like a picnic with half the town while it's -30 outside!  It was so cold that they had inside recess that day.

While there, some friends who weren't able to get to Emora's party- which got postponed due to me being sick- brought her a belated present- her own fun loom- which has been a big hit with the girls.

On our way to Ivan's karate testing, we took Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary into the city and dropped her off at Victoria and Tyler's new apartment in the city.  When we got there, we got a tour and met their moving crew- including our favorite house sitter and babysitter- Moira!  LOVE all our cousins ;)

It's been SO WONDERFUL to have time off from the regular school schedule.  I could use another week off, but we'll have to wait for Easter break and summer for lots of time off.  In the meantime, it's wonderful to have this week to sit back, sleep in, hang out together and pause to give thanks for the many, many blessings in our lives.


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