Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm home with Emora napping and the kids at the library program. On the way there, I was thinking of how much I enjoy our Wednesdays- that we all go to a fun library time in the morning and then- oh delight, in the afternoons, the big kids go and Emora and I come home for a much needed nap (both of us) and an amazing afternoon for me to have time in the quiet house. I was thinking- what am I going to do without these great Wednesdays and then I remembered that this will be half my year! Every other day, the big kids will both be at school- all day! WOW and the year after that, the big kids will both be at school all day, everyday! DOUBLY WOW- which means that most the time I will only have to be active parent to 1 kid most the day- TRIPPLE WOW. Sorry, don't mean to rub it in, but I'm just so happy that I get to enjoy the best job ever and that just when it got super crazy, it all gets to quiet down for a few years. Yeah, I know, I still have the trio after school and on weekends and all summer, but those are much more cherished when I get to have an afternoon of recharging or a day at the beach - or an artist walk... all those things that help us to feel energized and so blessed to be a part of this world.

I love, love, love having talented relatives who will invest in my kids' lives and journeys. Here Victoria is giving my kids a dance lesson. I'm trading the Koops' talents. I'll do a little cleaning at their house each week in exchange for private lessons (dance- by Victoria, art- by Michael, guitar- by Sheena). I love trading services!!

I've also loved the birds around here. Wildlife in general is just so fun, but most steer clear of us except the birds. We just realized why we see so many from our house. We are on a direct path between the lakes, so we often have flocks of seagulls, canadian geese and pelicans go right over our yard from Echo to Mission lake. I went on an artist walk a couple of weeks ago and loved watching these geese and seeing all these seagulls. I also got to watch a blue heron for a while. I really wanted to run out into the field and scare up these birds, but I resisted.

LOVE, love this girl! I'm looking forward to discovering who she is even more as she is at the perfect age to be discovering the world and doing things, but so far is always copying the big kids. It will be fun to see who she is all on her own without the big kids influencing what to do and how to do it.

Love our progress on living here so far. While we don't know many people, we are getting some names, learning the town, more settled in the house, although we still have a pretty good list of things to get done and know the routine this year much more than last!

It's going to be a good year ;)


Olivia said...

I am so encouraged by your attitude through so many difficult changes. I am glad to see that you are finally really enjoying life there. It looks so beautiful. I wish all that green would walk down here and brighten up our state!

GMS said...

Very upbeat and positive.
Love it and y'all.