Thursday, September 01, 2011

Stollen photos of stollen moments

I have to give credit to Janet Muirhead, my cousin's wife for these pictures of our lake side picnic and canoe lesson evening. It was an amazing night, just way too short! I do think it gave us the confidence to take a canoe out on our own, so I'm hoping we can squeeze that in some day. Maybe on the long weekend. There was a note on the bank I clean saying that they are closed Monday, which means that I don't have to go in the next morning to clean since I'll have done it on the weekend, which means I don't have to go in for early morning cleaning on the first day of school!! Another yipee! The day will already be a bit crazy. I take Ivan and his huge load of school supplies at 9am, then Dominique at 1pm- with her huge load of supplies, then pick up her and Ivan at 3:30.

It'll be nice to have some built in exercise again, but I don't really like the running back and forth schedule wise.

Our front flower beds with all the extra plants I was given are about to have a taste of fall. It's rained the last day or so and is already so much cooler. I don't know if we'll get some more hot days, but I was noticing at the lake a couple of days ago, that there were some yellowed leaves in the water and some trees are already changing color. This is the season when we moved in and were just starting to really call this place "home", so fall will always have that connotation for me now.


Nana said...

It sounds y'alls warm weather is about over. We're suppose to cool down tomorrow to 93. You know, that really sounds cool.

Anonymous said...

Great to see and read of the news.Your front look great for been the first year! mom
Thanks to the kids for the grandparent card