Monday, August 08, 2011

Lots to catch up on...

Before we left for Saskatoon, our neighbor finally came to get one of our sheds. We really don't need as much storage as there was here, but we do need the space for a garden. To his credit it did require some serious machinery and maneuvering to get it out of the yard. I'm so glad it's gone. I'm hoping that I can get to removing the gravel and weeds and prepping the soil some this week.

I left Ivan in charge of taking the pictures of the grand event. I think he took about 50 pics, including this one.

Love that nose! He is often crinkling it just like this too.

Later that day, we were off to Saskatoon. Mom and dad just finished their three seasons room (it's a covered room off the house, on a section of their deck, refinished and walled in with lots of windows). It was so fun to meet Andrea's mom (at right) and her aunt (to the left). Andrea is my brother, Andrew's wife, both seen here.

We didn't realize there was a dress code... Here is the pink team and the green team. The only one that wasn't matching was dad, but when he saw what the other guys had happened to be wearing, he decided he didn't want to be the odd one out- not when there was a perfect picture op to be taken!

But the best surprise was when Isaac took his first step for all the family. He'd been practicing up for months of course, but was so gracious to wait for our arrival to give us the grand show! He is now taking several steps often to the delight of us all.

It was a lovely restful day. I'm hoping I'll be able to post lots more about our week in Saskatoon as the week goes on. I have tons and tons of pictures as you can imagine! But we are also trying to recouperate and enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Can you believe it?! I'm dreading the S words (school shopping), but that is looming up for me too. And this time I have 2 to shop for! Ivan also brought home some supplies from last year, so I need to sift through them and see what we already have.
Also topping my list for the rest of this month- some library programs are on this month and more beach days ;)


GMS said...

Great pictures & story, as usual.
What is the red flower?
Unusual! One of your Mom's.

So glad the week went well. I too am dreading the fall & dark coming early.

Yuppy Mom said...
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Kimberley said...

Way to go Isaac! And I love the dress code.