Saturday, August 06, 2011

All about Emora

I just love this girl! She's growing up so fast it's crazy! She is very determined to do what she wants. Every two year old is, but I don't remember it being this strong in the others.

Then again, that determination helps her accomplish lots and learn quickly to keep up with her siblings.

She was a great cheerleader at soccer and so good to hang out with the adults while her siblings get to do all the activities.

I wonder what her interests and talents will be.

And while sometimes, I wish she didn't always need me to lay with her to take a nap, or want me to hold her while I juggle 6 other bags, or want me to carry her everywhere, or need to be in my lap when overwhelmed with people, I have to remember she is still little, and it's nice to be close even as she wants to be her own person and make her own path. We are both figuring out that fine balance and enjoying the beauty of learning life and love all over again.


GMS said...

It especially made me feel extra special when she wanted to be in my lap & brought tears of joy to my eyes when she asked me to lay down with her for her nap time.

Nana said...

Papa still talks about how much she enjoyed "This Little Piggy" and playing at the soccer practice's, and riding her on his shoulders. They all have their very own personalities.