Saturday, August 13, 2011

more about Saskatoon

Here are some more pics from our week in Saskatoon.

Jenn and I took our kids to the Mendel Art Gallery. This is where I had my wedding photos taken in the middle of winter!

Crazy to be back in that same place with three kids in tow now.

Emora was a bit terrified to be on the merry-go-round.

I love this picture with Isaac's reflexion in my sister's glasses.

These pictures from on the train made me crack up. I love Ivan and Imogen's faces. They were so filled with delight.

Here's my artsy girl blending with the blue on my parent's sun room door.

While we had a lot of fun there, it has been so nice to be home here in the summer. We got to go to the beach the other day, which is always a big treat- thanks Janet for suggesting it!! We've been to fun library programs and I just finished a HUGE project. I didn't know quite how huge or painful it would be. Our shed was moved right before we left and there was about 6 inches to a foot of sand and gravel all over the area we wanted for a garden, so over the last several days I've done from 2-6 hours of shoveling gravel a day. I can hardly move now, but it looks so great. We have plans to retortill it and maybe get some dirt brought in and rotortill it again before winter arrives, then we will have the winter to plan what to plant and how to organize it. I think we'll be calling in my Janet (super gardener ;) for advice on the planning stage. Here we are in summer and I'm already looking forward to spring! But the kids and I have been enjoying being outside and so has our new cat! She is so perfect for us, very lovable and so fun in the yard exploring and discovering the great outdoors.

What has been your favorite part of summer so far and what do you still have plans to do?


Nana said...

Finish the bathroom rehab. It's looking pretty good. But when will those vessel sinks arrive?

GMS said...

Absolutely favorite part of summer was visiting y'all in Canada. Nothing compares & not much left to look forward to, except reading your next post.

Ian said...

Your Uncle Duff makes raised beds that are four feet wide so he can reach in two feet each way and he puts a path of gravel in between the beds. Then when he sows things he sows it solidly, with no paths between rows. He found that it wastes less space and the weeding is easier. I think that I will try this on a small scale next spring.