Thursday, August 04, 2011

Beach days

One of our favorite things this summer has been the beach. I'm hoping we get another day or two of heat this week so that we can enjoy it some more with grandpa Ray and grandma Sue.

Ivan wanted everyone to see him drinking "coffee". It was actually hot chocolate milk which was our incentive for doing good in swim lessons. Some times it worked a bit, other days the kids just said the water was cold.

That didn't keep cousin Kellen from getting drenched. I'm hoping my kids will get used to the cold water...

'Cause I just don't get tired of this! So lovely.

It's always more fun with friends...

and cousins. The water is a lot warmer now, just a few hot days makes a big difference! One hot day we went in to the warm water and my kids became little fish- and just after not passing swim lessons!! (They wouldn't do the things the teacher said because they didn't want to get all wet in the cold water). But as long as they learn and become proficient in the water is what matters.

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GMS said...

They did do much better with your oversight when I was watching from the shore.