Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time to upload more pics!

Here are the last of my Saskatoon pics that I'm going to share here. I have a bunch from the anniversary tea up on facebook, so you can go look there if you are really desperate for more! My sister, Emora and my cousin's son Josh at a park...

Meet my cousin Lin and one of her daughters- Harley. Lin used to live in Yellowknife and with us in Texas, we always complained that it was much too far to see each other. But guess what? We moved North about 27 hours and she moved South about 30 hours (or more?) and now we are only about 3 hours from each other!

This was from the Western Development Museum- it's so neat to walk back in time.

Or ride.

Of course the newest member of the family always gets lots of attention and cuddles- and why not, he's such a cutie!

Kids, I remember all dem years ago, when your grandpa had us diggin' up dat rock in some farmers' field. Dat was when farmers let you just take dem rocks from their rock pile instead of havin' to buy 'em. Grandpa saw dat big huge rock and just had to have it. It took all five of us, a crow bar, ramp and a lot of blood sweat and tears to get her home, but now here she stands all doze years later and as you grow and grow, we take your picture beside it and see how you have changed so much, but dat rock just stays duh same. Yesiree.

And when we moved out here, there wasn't a tree on the acreage. That tree you're hiding behind was a twig I tell you, and I probably planted it. I surely did water it and lots of others. I didn't think they'd amount to nothing, but your grandma said some day they will grow and you'll appreciate them and grow they did, so now here we are and look at how beautiful those little twigs have become!

Have you ever planted a tree? Where and what kind? Is it still there?


Kimberley said...

I remember when the acreage was a prairie wasteland with nothing but tumbleweeds! I'm sure it looks amazing now. All that hard work of hauling water paid off.

GMS said...

We have 2 baby red oak trees we're hoping will stay alive through the winter.

Anonymous said...

I like your rock story Angela, I look back now and laugh.
Yes Kim you have a good memory,you'll have to just come by and see those lovely twigs,some were so big and in a less desired area so they came under the axe. R.

Ian said...

Let's see... I've planted: green ash, oak, Siberian Elm, Russian Elm, Russian Olive, Manitoba Maple, amour maple, silver maple, basswood, little-leaf linden, cotton Easter, towering poplar, giant poplar, Scotch Pine, blue spruce, white spruce, cedar, creeping cedar, mugo pine, honeysuckle, tamarack (or larch), willow, Japanese Lilac,white lilac, purple lilac, ... I probably forgot a few!