Friday, August 05, 2011

free activities!

At first when I got to Fort Qu'Appelle, I was disappointed because it didn't seem that there were many activities to do here with the kids. It does seem to slow down a lot in the winter, although there are several times a week when there is free skating and now we have the weekly library program, so there are at least 2 activities we have gotten into. In the summer, we have now found lots of fun activities. In July, they had free crafts and activities at Katepwa beach, which was handy after swim lessons and a picnic lunch.

Some days were not as warm as others, so we packed half the house in the van- sand toys, food, blankets, swim floats and towels- but after a while, I could figure out what to keep in the van and what to just repack each day.

I'm glad the kids are learning to enjoy the water because it is one of my most favorite things ever! I love to swim or just sit by the water. It is so soothing and rejuvenating.

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