Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Some of our precious memories

We love to go exploring. Mom has a fun flower garden and I like taking pictures there too. Of course I used them to decorate tables at the anniversary tea, so most of these lilies were picked!! But the tables looked so good with flowers and books my parents like.

I was all excited since both of the girls let me do their hair this day! They rarely let me do their hair and I really love doing fun stuff to make them so pretty ;)

Of course it doesn't take anything to make them gorgeous, and did I mention that they are little posers too?

I thought this trio looked very canadian.

Our very favorite time in Saskatoon was to go swimming at the outdoor pool with the waterslide. All my kids said that was the best and I loved it too. So glad my kids enjoy what I like!! Ivan's next favorite activity and what he'd talked about for weeks on end before going to Saskatoon was about getting to drive the riding lawn mower with grandpa. He just loves it!

I also enjoyed seeing my niece and nephew and seeing him take his first steps.

I think there's some family resemblance! So fun to have cousins together. The kids hated to leave, but are thankful there are cousins in Fort Qu'Appelle too.

I am starting to find out when FREE activities happen here in the Fort. Today we went to a morning library program and this afternoon, the big kids have been there for 4 hours!! Amazing to have someone happily take them and do great activities with them and give me some time with Emora and all for FREE! I used the time to get most of the kids' school supplies, here in town, so that was so super nice- except there are a few impossible items. Why are there always a few difficult things? But at least I have a more manageable list for when I will have to go into the city. Ivan needs new running shoes again, and we need to do it soon so he will learn how to tie. He destroys velcro shoes real fast because he is constantly trying to make them tighter. Poor guy. Time to move up in the world with ties!! Hope that goes well.


GMS said...

Tying shoes can be difficult, especially to teach. So glad your trip went so well. The girls looked beautiful, as usual.

Nana said...

Ange, are you going to let Dominique's hair grow? I personally loved her look when you cut it after her hair cutting experince.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the velcro and the "make them tighter" part. Shoes with laces will solve that problem and I hope he learns real fast.

Ian said...

Great pictures