Wednesday, August 24, 2011

up her nose!

Here's Emora with her hair carefully done by Dominique with a ton of little clips in it. She apparently loves pretty hair at times now, so that is fun. What is not so fun was when she stuck one up her nose! I'd never had a kid do that before, but I guess Emora was afraid that I would not get the full parental experience without her inflicting such pain on herself. It was way up there too. At first I couldn't tell what she was saying or why she was crying, but at some point as she repeatedly stuck her finger into her nostril while crying "clip up nose"- it dawned on me what she was saying. I had to get a flash light and hang her upside down some to see it. Thankfully a few tries with a tweezers did the trick. I was thinking that company had just stopped by and we'd be leaving them for the hospital and a very not fun visit!

A much better outing is the library- where the big kids are now. I've been looking forward to this moment all week. Emora is asleep and the house is so quiet ;)

Here's one of the flowers greeting me as I come back from cleaning the bank in the early hours- a morning glory- I can see where it got it's name!

Here's our pets enjoying the great outdoors with us. They are loving the weather as are we. We are hoping to get out in some canoes if it is not too windy Friday after work.

Oh, yeah, and some wildlife sightings of the week. I saw a blue heron a couple of times (an older couple told me what it was- so majestic) and not so cool, a muskrat swam about 2 feet from us when we were at the lake the other day! Everyone had gotten out of the pea green soup/paint like water and were taking pictures of us! I couldn't figure out why and then I heard them yelling that a muskrat was beside us, by the kids!! I'm so glad it didn't do anything crazy- just swam way to close too our liking. The funniest part was Ivan screaming like crazy, it was pretty intense though.

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Ian said...

It looks like you put a light inside the morning glory.