Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garden space!!

Before we left for Saskatoon, our neighbor came and got our second shed, that was going to free up space for a garden area. I was at peace that we didn't have a garden this summer, it was too crazy anyways and I am actually eating garden produce anyways! Our neighbor has shared some and my parents sent some. In fact tonight's meal of deer roast, potatoes, carrots and beans is all from others and I got herbs from our garden too. The only things I bought were onions, spices and rutabaga.
It also worked out well because I didn't realize how much work there was to get the spot ready. The previous owner worked on cars there and there was about 6inches and more of gravel to move. I shoveled for about 4 days. Got all the weeds up and made a huge sand pit for the kids to play in beside the house, leveled out some spots in the yard and some driveways beside the alley.

I called the kids my weed crew. They would sift through the dirt sometimes and throw out the green- as their attention went of course.

The space turned out a lot bigger than we thought it would be and we are all excited about it.

It also helps to have a cousin who helped with rotortilling it. He also suggested adding peat moss, vermiculite and compost, which we did. Then another neighbor offered to get us some top soil to add. He already brought one load over and is about to bring another. Good thing Brian sold that truck to him, it's coming into great use helping us still! He also offered to run over the space with his rotortiller once this dirt is in, before the fall. Almost done!

I was also excited to be the recipient of a bunch of free flowers. I was getting really bad service in town at a place with all the supplements for the garden and when the store worker realized that I'd asked for help and still had to load these huge bags by myself, he offered me flowers ;) They are lovely- a whole rack of them and they really liven up our flower gardens that are really not doing much since they got a bunch of transplants and seeds this year. I'm hoping that next spring it will all come up lovely ;) So we have lots to look forward to with spring's coming and winter hasn't even hit yet!

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Ian said...

It sounds like you are getting thoroughly spoiled!