Friday, August 19, 2011

oops, need to upload photos!

My dad stopped by for a night and was helping put the kids in bed. I was helping Emora get to sleep when we had this conversation:

Em- Grandpa put Emora and Ivan to bed, not mommy.
me- Should he put me to bed too? I am grandpa's baby girl.
Em- (laughing) You not grandpa's baby!
me- I am his daughter.
Em- no, you mommy!
me- I am your mommy, but I'm grandpa's daughter.
Em- no, I Emora, you mommy
me- yes, I'm Your mommy and grandpa is my daddy, so I'm his daughter.
Em- How about this? I Emora and YOU mommy!

I laughed so hard! I love her new expression- "how about this?". She is such a determined little girl, more than the other two combined! The good of this is that she is now potty trained with hardly ever an accident. The only issues she had was when in the yard in a swimsuit. The bad part of her determination is when she wants her way and can't get it! oh boy- about 4 hours of crying upset Emora over 1001 things I tell you. But all that grit will serve her well in life if she uses it for good purposes. Look out world, this 2 year old's got some strength! There you've been warned ;)


Monica said...

Love 2 year old expressions! So cute!

GMS said...
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GMS said...

Grandpa should have put you all to bed at the same time in your community bed. That would have been fun.

Olivia said...

That's so adorable. I miss you guys. Don't know if you skype at all but we have ours up and running : bobrigham.
Love you!

Ian said...

Dominique is pretty independent too. She didn't want to be tucked in.