Saturday, April 30, 2011

a fun day

Dad and some grands- before he took off for Jamaica. I stole this pic from him too.

Immy now and then.

Meet my cousin Lin that I grew up with and had countless sleepovers with. Here she is with her oldest and youngest.

Some you may not know as well: Jac is Lin's second daughter, they visited us in the fall and Ivan and Dominique were so excited to have time with her again. Also, my in laws- sister Andrea and brother- John.

Immy, my niece with the gorgeous curls.

My nephew Isaac is only 8 months, but trying to take off already.

I told Harley I wasn't going to take her pic, just the baby. Sorry, I lied, the picture was just too gorgeous. I remember carrying my brother in a sling. I was a bit young for the job and remember having to lean backwards so that his weight wouldn't make me fall forward on him. Siblings are pretty precious.

And now, today, we had a pretty fun day. We went to Story and Rhyme Time at the library and Ivan was so excited he actually got to go! I facilitate it, so I've told him I could do it at home for him, but it's not the same he says. So he was glad to be able to participate in it this time. I'm really liking not having to do the school schedule which makes me excited for summer to come! We stopped by to see our friends at the Outreach a bit, then came home where the kids wanted to ride bikes. It was so nice out they convinced me to have a picnic in our front yard again. That's 2 times this week. It was actually a weird day, threatening rain, except while we ate, when it was bright sunshine and so nice! Tonight a crazy wind came through and cooled things down.

I'm also very happy to have surmounted a hurtle facing me for some time: organizing our art cupboard. I know, so boring, but it was horrible and I knew I needed to tackle it to have some peace and sanity and to be able to find materials again.

Tonight is one of my 2 nights off from cleaning the bank and Brian and I just watched a funny show online (eek, yes, we are hooked on the Big Bang Theory- thanks to my cousins).

Posting some pics from Easter. It already seems like so long ago and it went so fast. Hope your Easter was filled with joy too.


Davis Family said...

I have to do our art cupboard too. It stares me in the face. Ugghh. I'll try get at it this week.

jenn with two n's said...

I hear you both! Started to get on top of this problem and then found more supplies in a storage container--eeks! Love this post. It was a beautiful Easter Weekend. I loved our Easters in Texas with you and am glad Easter here cooperated weather-wise. It went by fast. Looking forward to summer too and Camp Cousins!