Wednesday, April 27, 2011

we're back!

Easter was fun. The kids table included my trio, my niece Imogen and Jac- my cousin Lin's daughter. The baby boys sat with the adults.

Auntie Andrea loves celebrating the holidays and organized the egg decorating.

Snack time in a blow up play structure- they thought that one up.

Grandpa enjoyed his snuggle time with Emora and showed her a thing or two on his computer by the looks of it. Can you tell her to stop shutting off our answering machine too? Sorry if we missed your calls- while we were away!

We're home again and back into the swing of things with work. I'm so thankful that we still have a few days before we have to get back into school mode. Today was wonderfully warm out, so I took the kids out to try to get Ivan learning to ride without training wheels. We've been working on this for not quite a year. We had to take a long break for winter, but would you believe that he finally got the hang of it!

Fiorella, our friend from across the street begged me to let her try, and she learned too! Then of course, Dominique, the don't leave me behind daring one worked and worked at it until she was riding too!

Ivan went from "I hate bike riding" to begging me to leave him at home tomorrow while I go to Regina so that he can ride all day and night on the street. Yeah, that is not happening, but I'm glad he's excited about it.

We had a picnic again today. It was so gorgeous out. The creek is overflowing it's banks into a few yards of people who are right along it- about 1.5 blocks from us, but they are saying this should be the worst of it, so I'm quite positive we won't have any water issues. Our street has turned into grand central station though, just as the kids learn to ride their bikes- as the entire town has been going to check out the water levels. It was very eerie to go by the bridge and see water filled up where their was a valley and now lapping up on the bridge. There is also some heavy equipment stationed where the city has been building up dirt walls and sandbagging, also, I hear to break up ice as it goes toward the bridges.

Tomorrow will be fun. We are doing a grocery run, but also found out that my friend's in town from up North. We were both thinking of taking the kids to the science museum, so now we get to go together!

I'm exhausted, gotta go crash- until next time!

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GMS said...

Great summary!
Great pictures!
Love to all!