Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dad asked if there was no danger of flooding in town and the answer is that there is definitely danger of flooding, the question is how much. My neighbor tells me there is some flooding downtown every spring.

Today the girls and I went out to the in town lake and it rose over a foot since yesterday. It has about another foot to crest the wall separating the beach from the picnic area (we had a picnic there today and played out at the park while we could), but they are saying the lake is rising a foot a day and they are predicting 2 meters (according to my neighbor). The city put a teepee looking rod thing with sandbags on all the drains on the street perpendicular to ours. I was noticing today how that street is where the river, which is now about full, flowing from the dam, makes a slight turn, but where if it went straight, would crest over the road we are near and make it's own path. Again, my neighbor is thinking that the lakefront properties will definitely have issues, but it's still up in the air about in town houses. We are on a lower end of town and 2 blocks from a creek, so we will see! There were lots of people out looking at how high the lake was today though.

Our sump pump has come on quite a few times now, but our yard doesn't have any snow anymore and has been slowly drying out some. I'm not sure if getting sandbags would be overkill or not, for right now it's a bit of a guessing game.


Jennifer said...

Keep us posted! We will see you in 4 sleeps!

Ian said...

See you in 3 sleeps if all goes well.