Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sorry, been a little busy

I know I haven't posted in a while. Sorry about that- I mean to all my faithful readers who for some wild reason actually check here regularly for a little glimpse into our lives. For the rest of you who just happened here this time, you may not even notice that's it's been a while.

I've been in the "zone". The mad mom unpacking and trying to rearrange a house zone. You would think that the fact we have been here 9 months would make this easier, but in ways it was worse. For example, we were going to move the computer downstairs. The desk it was on was now going to our room for Brian. He had a temporary table that I wanted as a bedside table, so I had to move my dresser, then ended up rearranging everything on my dresser... All to move 1 thing!! And now that the kids are in 3 different rooms, I separated out all their stuff for 5 different spaces. Toys specific for Emora, some for Dominique's room, Ivan's room and the communal basement play area and the overflow in the guest closet. We'll see how long it stays organized, but for the next 8 hours while they sleep, it's AWESOME!

Of course figuring out the best places for things is a challenge, so I'm so happy that my cousin volunteered to take my kids tomorrow for the morning to let Brian and I tackle things.

I did manage to get all the boxes in the house and nearly everything is unpacked, so it's going well. But the guest room has been the dumping grounds for things I'm not so sure on and it's still pretty convoluted. And oops, we had our first guest for the room tonight, but Arwen got nervous about being in a big room full of unpacked things (and who wouldn't), so it's good that little cousins think a mattress on the floor is fun times.

Dominique and I also got to take Moira, my cousin's daughter to a piano recital in another town and tonight we got to see her in a play at a music festival. EWW- aren't we cultured!

I unpacked albums today, which is one of the things we have been excited to see again. Dominique was already looking through them. Emora realized that all the babies were not her and started yelling to Dominique "that's you! that you!" at each baby. I loved it.

We still have a little work to do in the bathroom, but we'll get to that as "we" can. Brian's started a different new job today and really enjoyed it. He came back after a full day of mudding. A little funny since he's been doing that in our house for the last month or so, only now he gets paid for it- in more than love, appreciation and supper that is. It's fun to watch the transformation that the house has made in each of us. We are all glowing, well I may not be yet- I'm still crazy unpacker, but the others are visibly joyful and at peace with the space this has allowed us. It's incredible and we are so very thankful to the Lover for getting us through this crazy long transition.

If you haven't seen the before and after pics, Brian posted them on facebook and here's the link. Hope you can come see it in person some day and stay in our organized guest room!!/album.php?fbid=1958785447005&id=1163842617&aid=2113712


Nana said...

Get the guest room ready. I think company is a commin'!

Ian said...

Thanks for the news.

Ian said...

So, Are the kids moved into their rooms now?